Treating Mood and Behavior Disorders Naturally

At Second Opinion Physician, patients are attended by phone or email. Mood and behavior issues are addressed and treated according to the Walsh Treatment Protocol.  Your virtual office visit starts with a general history followed by lab tests which can be drawn at a any LabCorp. Other labs essential to the Walsh Protocol will be sent directly to you.  To learn more about the groundbreaking work of William Walsh, PhD, check out these videos and podcasts.

David Epstein, D.O. is a licensed osteopathic physician. As a holistic medical practitioner with over 25 years clinical practice, Dr. Epstein now specializes in treating mood and behavior disorders according to the Walsh Protocol.

Patients receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. This includes an explanation of lab results and a supplement plan detailing dosages and the role of each supplement according to each patient’s biochemical individuality. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is given and patients are encouraged to follow up after the initial three months of therapy for review, retesting.  Our goal is to treat neurological disorders naturally, utilizing the power of nutrients.

We Are Telehealth & Telemedicine Providers

        • As a licensed physician, we offer non-pharmaceutical remedies, customized to your specific healthcare needs, based on your unique biochemical individuality. 
        • David Epstein, D.O. studies your specific condition and provides a healthcare plan to correct key biochemical imbalances that affect brain chemistry,  neurotransmitter production. We also look carefully at intestinal health, inflammation, and hormone status.
        • In addition to prescribing supplements and customized holistic healthcare plan, we are available to advise you and consult with your doctor or family member.
        • We utilize the Walsh Protocol to treat major depressive disorders, ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, and bipolar disorder in children and adults .
        • For chronic health conditions, hormone imbalances and metabolic disorders we take an integrative medicine approach and identify the need for bioidentical female hormones, thyroid, adrenal, digestive and immune support. 

The 5 Bio-types of Depression

Low Folate Depression

One of the main causes of mental illness, low levels of folic acid is associated with 20% of all conditions of depression. The consequence is overactive serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters. One consequence of low folate is overmethylation.  This leads to low serotonin uptake at the synapse. Overmethylators do well on supplements such as niacin, folic acid and DMAE. Prior to treating chronic depressives and anxiety with SSRI anti-depressants, patients should have their methylation status and folate levels checked prior to taking these meds as they will likely do poor on these prescriptions.

Pyrrole Disorder

Pyrrole Disorder is an epigenetic condition that leads to deficiencies of Vitamin B6 and zinc. Pyrrole disorder throws off brain function by inhibiting the production of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters. It also causes widespread inflammation that affects the entire body. We treat with aggressive doses of zinc, P5P, Vitamin B6, antioxidants and brain foods.


Methylation status dictates the performance of DNA in all cells of the body. We tend to be either overmethylated, undermethylated or have normal methylation. Undermethylated persons have low serotonin and dopamine activity. They are typically given supplements like methionine and SAMe plus cofactors, to improve neurotransmitter activity.

Copper Overload

A condition of oxidative stress whereby the body needs help eliminating heavy metals and free radicals. Mental illness is prevalent in folks who cannot properly eliminate copper. One reason is that copper converts dopamine (a feel good neurotransmitter) into norepinephrine (an anxiety producing excitatory neutrotransmitter).

Toxic Metal Overload

These individuals have an excessive metal burden, such as lead toxicity. They often exhibit severe oxidative stress, unrelenting depression, abdominal stress, a metallic taste in the mouth and bad breath, high levels of irritability or anger, and food sensitivities. A gradual detox regimen might include supplements such as ALA, trace elements, metalothionine amino acids and antioxidants.

Dr David Epstein, D.O. is a licensed osteopathic physician. He has practiced holistic family medicine and provided health coaching for over 25 years. He is one among few physicians in the US trained to diagnose administer the Walsh Protocol.

“I like approach healthcare with individuals by first looking at brain biochemistry, epigenetics and quantum health status.  Everyone has a unique set of conditions related to diet, lifestyle and their ability to handle toxins, make proteins and utilize energy properly.  With a good history and key functional lab tests, the cause of one’s imbalance can determined and with properly nutrition, corrected.

Breaking old paradigms of testing, evaluation and remedy affords patients an an opportunity to do away with pharmaceuticals and feel better without medication.”

By observing status of brain food nutrients, hormones, inflammatory markers and gut microbes  we can learn a lot about the cause of ones conditions. Remedies address the imbalances and allow the body to maintain homeostasis.”

To heal the body, we must give attention to the cells. When cellular function is in check then hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and other proteins keep the mind sharp and the body’s performance optimized.”

dr epstein walsh practitioner


As a service, Dr Dave provides a free initial introductory consult for 5-10 minutes, explaining options available through Second Opinion per your specific condition.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation may be arranged with Dr Dave. This is followed by lab tests, assessment and a prepared supplements plan.

Tests through Lab Corp

Tests are performed at a local Lab Corps. For urine or other home kits, tests will be sent directly to the patient and may be returned by FedX.


Supplements may be purchased locally or by one of our recommended professional supplement providers.

Payments online

All payments can be made online through Paypal, by check or credit card

Follow-Ups P.R.N.

As needed, clients may reach out to Second Opinion Physician to address various health related issues during the course of the year. If there is a fee, you will be notified in advance.

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  • Why is elevated copper or free copper a problem?

    Copper is a trace element that behaves like heavy metals when it is inadequately bound to the chelating protein ceruloplasmin. Excessive levels of unbound “free copper” affects neurotransmitters and also indicates that the body is having difficulty with free radicals and other heavy metals. 

  • Pyrrole Disorder; a cause of numerous behavioral disorders.

    Elevation of urinary pyrroles leads to chronic vitamin B6 and zinc deficiency. Zinc is essential for 100’s of processes in the body and is particularly important for healing, immune function, digestion, neurotransmitter activation, physical growth, memory, insulin sensitivity, and control of blood sugars, DNA replication and more.

    Zinc and B6 are essential for production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin (mood elevating), melatonin (sleep hormone), GABA (relaxation hormone), and acetyl choline for memory. They are involved in production of steroid hormones – cortisol and the conversion of oils in the body. The oils EPA/DHA and particularly GLA are low in those with pyrrole disorder and are damaged by oxidative stress/free radicals/toxins created by pyrrole disorder.

  • What is epigenetics?

    “Epigenetics is the natural process of gene regulation that is established in the early days of gestation in the womb. A severe environmental insult later in life can either turn off a necessary gene or turn on a damaging gene, resulting in a disorder that can persist for years.” Click here to read interview with William Walsh PhD describing his “Epigenetic Theory of Autism.”