Test List and Prices for Walsh Panel

Following a review of history and lab tests for blood and urine nutrients, Dr Epstein prepares a personalized and detailed assessment report with supplements list and dosages. Explanation of each persons unique results and reading materials are included. Following that, a brief consult is scheduled to speak directly to the physician and answer any questions.

Brain Nutrient Balance

Second Opinion Physician utilizes the Walsh Protocol to identify biochemical imbalances underlying mood and behavior disorders. We test for key elements indicating functional status neurotransmitters histamine, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. These are the key neurotransmitters associated with depression, anxiety, addictive disorders, insomnia, ADHD, dementia, psychosis, schizophrenia and etc.

We’re looking for indicators of oxidative stress, methylation status and status of nutrients such as zinc, vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B12. The underlying status of brain nutrients gives us a clear path to improve mood and behavior function through correcting these common imbalances.

Nutritional supplement recommendations are made based on the test results. Additional labs may be ordered, in a follow-up consultation, to address more general functional health issues.

Assessment, Plan and Report

Second Opinion Physician provides the service of ordering labs, reviewing test results and client history and providing a detailed assessment and report. Dr Epstein D.O. reviews each case and makes his professional recommendation. The patient is provided with a list of supplements including target dosage and scheduling along with dietary and lifestyle considerations.

With more general health issues, following a complete consultation plus review of additional labs, it may be necessary that the patient receives a prescription from a local compounding pharmacy. Second Opinion Physician will assist in locating an integrative medicine physician in your area that is supportive of this holistic approach. If psychotropic medicine adjustments are needed, clients are encouraged to stay on their medications for six or more months of supplement therapy and follow up with their primary care provider or prescribing psychiatrist for monitoring adjustments. After this period of stabilization, patients are likely to have greater success with discontinuing one or more of their medications.

Walsh Panel Lab Tests

Ready to Get Started?

Simply follow these steps:

    1. Send us an email via the contact us page or call for free ‘pre-consult’ – 678-400-7768
    1. Complete the Intake questionnaire on this page.  Once complete the doctor will be notified.
    1. Complete payment via Paypal or by other direct notice. Instructions will be included.
    1. Receive email from Second Opinion Physician with requisition form for use with Lab Corp (or provide labs from your local physician)
    1. Receive Urine Kit from DHA for pyrroles – follow instructions and return to the lab for testing.
    1. Once results are complete and Intake History complete the doctor will prepare your report
    1. If you have opted for secure portal access, instructions will be sent to set up portal for correspondences and or document sharing.
    1. Following receipt of your Assessment, a follow up phone discussion can be had with the physician.

Walsh Panel Test Pricing and Report

Pre-consultation – Free
Brief discuss to address relevant questions about tests, fees and payment, etc.

Walsh Panel – $595
The following tests are included:

Histamine, Whole Blood
Copper, Serum
Zinc, Plasma
Vitamin D
Urine Pyrroles
CBC Complete Blood Count
Metabolic Panel

Assessment of history and labs; $300
Multipage report with correlation between symptoms and individual biochemistry per the Walsh research.  Includes explanation of lab results, affects and possible causes plus detailed plan for nutrient support, etc.

Total Fee for Labs, Assessment and Plan: $895 

Follow up Service:

Alternate labs assessment fee: There is a $100 fee when reviewing labs ordered through another practice or lab.

General email inquiries $50    – For each follow up inquiry for initial inquiry up to 15 minutes time required to read, review and reply time. Same fee for each additional 15 minutes required. 

Making Payments

Paypal or by photocopy of check sent by email. A requisition will be emailed for blood testing at local Lab Corp. Urine test kit will come by mail with complete instructions and return envelope.  Second Opinion Physician does not bill insurance, though, upon completion of services, patients will receive an assessment, list of tests performed and results along with the physicians, NPI number and Tax ID. We do not provide insurance billing or diagnosis codes.

How Testing Takes Place

Walsh blood tests: Lab Corp – Blood tests are drawn at Lab Corp. Offices are located throughout the country.
Urine pyrroles: DHA Labs – Our preferred source for testing urine pyrroles. A urine kit will be mailed directly to the client.
Other testing may be performed at: Doctors Data and Genova – These labs are used for specialty testing of blood, urine and stool specimens for CDSA/digestive analysis, SAM/SAH methylation ratios, hair toxic elements analysis, urine amino acid profile, cortisol/dhea and etc.

Patients receive a customized report explaining lab results and a detailed assessment. This includes comprehensive supplements plan to stabilize neurotransmitter function to help improve well being.

Biotype Nutrients 

Supplements may be sourced from your favorite supplier. Second Opinion Physician has put together a website to make supplements available to individuals based on their Walsh Biotypes. This makes the process easier for finding the top rated brands brand according to your needs

Other Health Questions

Second Opinion Physician provides consulting only in the area of Walsh Assessments and Plans. At this time we do not offer consulting in other areas beyond those areas directly related to identifying nutritional needs and optimizing utilization of supplements.